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Notes from the Chair at Ossett Civic Trust -

By Ruth Amos


Ossett Civic Trust has one important question to ask, why do we need the very large recycling skips in Ossett Town Centre? They are an eyesore and paint a bad image in the centre of town. The recycling skips outside the Maypole pub need to be moved to a more suitable place, out of the town centre - we would like to stress that they do not belong in the middle of Ossett!

Ossett Town Hall opened in 1908 and witnessed over

Ossett has an excellent recycling timetable for the collection of paper, cardboard, garden waste, bottles and cans and finally all other household waste. So why do we need the these large, ugly skips in the centre of town for paper, cardboard and bottles when these are all regularly collected from our homes?


Therefore, we have decided to start campaigning to have these skips removed from the town centre for good. To help us start the ball rolling, we need the canvas opinion on what you, the Ossett residents feel about these skips in the town centre. If you feel as strongly about this issue and others to do with our town centre, then please support our campaign to tidy up Ossett. You can either send use a letter or an email, so we can show Wakefield MDC how the people of Ossett value their town.



We were made very welcome at all these venues and have enjoyed a very pleasant evening out followed by a raffle to raise much needed funds.  We can recommend all of these venues.

Members of Ossett Civic Trust and their partners and friends aim to have regular social events throughout the year.  


One of the aims of the Ossett Civic Trust is to support our local businesses in any way we can and the idea was to enjoy one of our lovely restaurants and bars we have in Ossett. We have been to Nikos Greek restauant on the corner of Dale Street and Church Street, Bar 42 in the town centre, Malagor Thai restaurant in Queen's Drive, Dimple Well Lodge Hotel, on The Green and a favourite, Gandhi Spice, in the town centre,

Civic Trust meal Blackpool Tower


On Sunday 1 November, at the invitation of the Chair of Blackpool Civic Trust, we took a coach full of eager and excited people across to Blackpool for the day. It was made exciting because we did not have a clue what we were in was a complete surprise.

The day dawned very wet and windy but undeterred we set off. When we arrived it was still blowing hard but the rain had stopped. We were met by Elaine and three of her members at the Solaris Centre, near the mirrorball on the South Shore. When we drove along the promenade Elaine explained to us the various displays on the promenade. Did you know that there is a seat which turns in the wind so that you are always seated out of the wind? Did you know there is also a wind organ that plays a tune as the wind rushes through it? Plus lots of other strange and wonderful objects.


We arrived outside Blackpool Tower where we were treated to a wonderful day. We were shown places that the general public are not allowed. Such as behind the wonderful Wurlitzer organ, we also visited the Aquarium and the famous ballroom. The highlight for me was our visit to the afternoon show of the Blackpool Tower Circus. Starring a very funny clown called Mooky. There were trapeze artists and some amazing acrobats from Kurdistan. It was sheer fun and amazement. With lots of candy floss, ice cream and loads of laughter. Our front ring-side seats just hit the spot, especially when the floor dropped and water filled the rink at the end with a finale to leave you breathless. It was also lovely to see the costumes that were on display for Charlie Caroli plus his famous musical instruments.


We finished the day off with a drive through the illuminations with Elaine again giving a commentary on the buildings and lights and places of interest. It was brilliant. What stands out for me is something very special. The friendships we have forged with our friends in Blackpool Civic Trust which I am sure will last for years to come. It’s great to belong to such a wonderful network of Civic Trust members.


I would like to thank Elaine for all her hard work to make this occasion such a resounding success. It was certainly a day to remember. It is now up to Ossett Civic Trust members to think of what we can do to re-pay the kindnesses that was shown to us.....I am sure we will be able to do something with our famous Yorkshire hospitality!


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