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The Heritage of Ossett

In the 19th century Ossett was an independent community but in the last 25 years of the 1800's its pride showed when the Local Board portioned Queen Victoria for incorporation as a Municipal Borough under the act of 1882 writes Alec Metcalfe.


As Dewsbury had plans to extend its boundaries into Ossett and Soothill, the charter was granted on 30th June 1890. With this news, rejoicing was carried into the market place with a great procession from the Ossett station. Soldiers were in full state uniform on foot and horse, the streets were decorated with flags and bunting, it was a day for pride in a thriving town.


The Borough's first Mayor was Edward Clay (pictured) a rag and mungo manufacturer. (The business still remains in Wesley Street).Ossett was ahead of its time in recycling clothing. It was the centre for manufacturing shoddy and mungo, with fifty plus enterprises. Wool rags from all over Europe came here to be sorted.

Looking at local Town Halls we find most of them were incorporated with a public hall for concerts. The grand scale of the Ossett design and build shows the pride and independence of the 12,000 residents and the wealth of some businesses. There was immense enthusiasm when then the town Hall was opened in the summer of 1908. The original decoration of town hall had a wonderful floor mosaic and wall tiles. Also the interesting fact that the clock took nearly an hour to wind.



More Ossett History

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Ossett Town Hall officially opened in June 1908. Ruth Nettleton of Ossett Historical Society explains why it was built...Click here for the full story


Holy Trinity Church dominates the skyline around Ossett. Rev Paul Maybury looks at the history and current restoration of one of Ossett’s finest buildings...


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6th Century : The Vikings arrive, our town name believed originates from a local leader, Osla, whose Camp (or set) became Osleset. Source: Timeline


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